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Min Suga: “You’re so beautiful~

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Fanaccount - High5 after BTS showcase in Berlin 27.07.2014

Ok it’s my first fanaccount. Sorry for mistakes and my bad English but I hope that You’ll read and understand everything properly ^_^

Ok let’s start! About showcase..One word - AWESOME AMAZING GREAT. Really boys are great, their performance, interaction with fans was amazing. I stood on the 1st row on the left of scene and I was so happy because I was able to see Suga so close *_* My dream came true:) And i think that once time I had eye contact with him..but well I’m not sure because maybe he looked somewhere else..XD

After ending of showcase when fans began to leave the hall slowly, I just wandering on the hall. With many feels, with thoughts, panic and shock that soon I’ll meet BTS personally, with panic and shock XD I didn’t knew what should I do, where I need to go so I asked one girl from staff where we should stay. She said that we need to stay on hall.
Few minutes later one of my friends from my Polish ARMY’s group found me and gave me our Polish flag with our signs and draws and told me that I need to give it to BTS or their staff. I promised that I’ll give them or their staff *STRESSED OUT MORE* XDD
When they gone, I stayed alone. Then staff asked fans to leave for a few minutes hall because they need to prepare hall for High 5 event so we left. I wanted to call to my friend in Poland but I couldn’t because my voice was cracked after showcase and I couldn’t say anything XD So with other fans I waited when we can came back to hall.
I was sitting on the floor and I had so many thoughts in my head” What I should do? What I should say to them?” my heart was pounded so fast..I felt really weird and I was really stressed out.
Finally staff asked us to back to hall..When we entered to hall, staff began to set us in the queue. When everything was prepared I heard screams and I saw BTS entered to the hall, stood behind the table and bowed to us. They looked tired, but also happy with smiles on their faces:) And High 5 event began..
First was V, Suga and..I don’t remember who was next because after my meeting with Suga I forgot about everything XD So sorry I’m not sure of other members..probably it was V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rapmon, Jimin and J-Hope. Sorry but Suga is my bias and my thoughts later was only about him..XD
A few first fans did handshake with members, but later they did properly High5 with both hands and they talked a little with every member. I saw that V probably sometimes gave “heart” sign with his hands to fans but i’m not sure XD
Fans slowly (but not too slowly) walked. I was more and more stressed out and I just looked at Suga and thought what I should do..
When I saw one person from staff I gave her our signed Polish flag and asked her if she can give it to BTS, she agreed so I said “Thank You” and I walked closer and closer to table..I looked at them and couldn’t believe that for a few minutes I’ll talk with them, touch them. It was like a dream!! I was so close and finally I stood up in front of V

It was a little awkward XD Maybe because I was stressed out, because I was in shock or something. My first thought ” really…he has dark complexion” XD I know it was stupid XD I said Hi to him he replied, we did High 5 and I said “Thank You for everything”. He stood up a little blank I didn’t know if he understood what I said or not but then he said “Oh..thank You thank You” XD V was cute XDD I bowed and go to the next person with heart which was beating faster than ever before..

I can’t describe my feeling when I saw him stood up, in front of me. His eyes, his hands, his pale skin..everything was perfect. It was so shocking to meet bias 1st time in my life so close..He stood with raised hands, waiting and with little smile and his face “I don’t give a shit” he looked a little bored as always XD I looked at his yes, I felt like hypnotized..We did High5 (really he has long fingers and soft skin..) and I didn’t knew what I should said what I should do, I just looked at his small eyes, his face. He was just PERFECT…I said “Thank You for everything” and I need to go to the next member but then I just created “heart” from my hands and I said shyly with silently voice “Saranghae”. And he looked at me and my “heart” and he laughed silently, lowered for a while his head down with smile, he looked up head and smiled to me with happy eyes, he looks also a little shy.. Oh God his eyes, his smile was the most beautiful thing on the world. I wanted to cry because of happiness. I made Yoongi smile! My dream came true! He smiled to me all the time and when I went slowly to Jin I heard how Suga said “Thank You” with his smile T.T Yes…he won my heart..

Next was..

Jin (proobalyXD)

I don’t remember properly who was next after Suga becasue I was so happy to see his smile..XD

but Ok

He is tall..ok taller than me XD And he has beautiful eyes *_* We said “hi” to each other, did “high5” I said “Thank You” and also I told him that he should smile more and I showed him that he should smile. And…OMG he smiled to meee!!! I WAS DONE XDD His eyes was so bright„ his smile was so beautiful *_* I just laughed and smiled to him and I said “Thank You”, he all the smiled to me XDD

Golden makane also has really beautiful eyes *_* so shiny..And also he is tall! He looked a little scared..We said “Hi”, touched our hands, I said again “thank You” and I go to the next member..I really didn’t know what I should say to him T.T Maybe next time..XD


HE IS SO DAMN HANDSOME!!! *__* He’s killer and…his eyes…his voice his English! Perfect! But well I don’t know why I started crying, I felt my eyes was full of tears. We said “hi”, “High5”. I said “Thank You so much for everything” and I felt my tears on cheeks. Probably it was too much for me, too many emotions and feels. And Rapmon was so cute and lovely, because I saw that he was a little worried. I had stupid feeling that if he can he could hug me T.T I said to him “Please come to Poland soon, ok? And he promised that they’ll come with smile on his face T.T I hope that they’ll come..

My lovely boy..he is so cute..and chubby and his eyes *_* And really short XD We said “Hi”, touched hands and I said “thank You” and also I added that he can’t loose weight. He nodded XD I don’t remember anything clearly becasue I still had tears in my eyes..

the last one


I really likeee this “sunny boy” *_* Still I was crying but J-Hope..He smiled to me all the time. He said first to me “Hi”, I replied “Hi”. He first grabbed my hands, a little shook. And really he smiled all the time not fake smiel but really it was true smile. He leaned a little to me and I said “Thank You so much” and then he waved to me and say “bye bye” I replied “bye” and I go.

And it was end..
But what I want said..I’m really grateful to one of ARMY. I went from J-Hope and I started to crying and sobbing. Asian girl (I don’t know if she was Korean girl or not), who was walking in front of me, she looked back and she saw that I’m crying so badly, so she stopped, waited for me and when I was close to her she hugged me tightly and comforted me. She was smiling to me and patting my back and shoulders. I’m really grateful to her. I didn’t know her name or anything about her and she also didn’t know me but she did great thing…ARMY I love You..I hope that You’ll read it so I just want say “Thank You” for comforting me even if I was strange girl to You :)

So High5 with BTS was the most beautiful memory in my life. I made Yoongi smile, I met them, I was able to say “thank You” to all members. So many good things happened and now I’m really happy. I hope that soon I’ll meet them again:)

And this is one of the best photo of BTS. With Polish flag :) It’s NOT my flag which I gave to their staff, but still I’m so happy that they have Polish flag and I hope that next time I’ll meet them in Poland:)

( please credit if you’ll take it out, thank You ^_^)



Q: How many people live in Stockholm? 
Jungkook: two zero… zero zero… zero zero… zero… zero… 
Rap Monster: Jungkook that’s 20 millions… 
V: ONE!!!! 
MC: Im just going to say the answer, it’s 2 millions


your voice <3


your voice <3


140728 Suga @ Arlanda Stockholm Airport (Cr: SUGALing_Days) @BTS_twt #BTSinSweden


140728 Suga @ Arlanda Stockholm Airport (Cr: SUGALing_Days) @BTS_twt #BTSinSweden